The Millet King Farm

Millet King Foods of Canada Inc. was Incorporated March 3 / 2010 as a food company. Millet King Foods is owned and operated by a St – Claude, Manitoba Canadian farmer Reynald R. J. Gauthier known to the world as ” The Millet King”

Reynald is a fourth generation farmer, living and farming in a small French settlement known as small town, St – Claude, Manitoba, established in 1892 and located 80 km’s West of the city of Winnipeg, Manitoba.

On the Millet King farm, Reynald seeds 2 super foods oil grain crops. They are Conventional Red Proso Cerise Millet and Conventional Omega Gold Flax. The Millet King uses only the highest of quality seed to be seeded on his farm. The crops starts with a well prepared seed bed and hundreds of love and tender care steps taken throughout it’s growing season to produce the highest quality crop possible. At a young stage during it’s growing season, Millet King walks through all of his fields looking and watching as the crop grows, but really starts to monitor the crop at 70 plus days. Reynald states the longer the crop stands up, better quality you get, meaning consistent size in kernels and color, therefore easier to harvest, clean, and mill, therefore delivering a supreme product.

All millet and flax crops are harvested using a Case International combine due to it’s rotary mechanism, as to not skin the seed, 60% of it’s nutrition is in the hull of the seed, so it’s very important to keep it intact. All millet and flax are cleaned to very high standards using air, gravity table and a color sorter delivering a pure product therefore fetching a premium price.

As of October 21 / 2016, Millet King Foods of Canada Inc. was granted it’s Organic Certification that it had requested thru ( OCIA ) Organic Crop Improvement Association for packaging, labelling and brokering Organic Red millet flour in Canada and the USA. Reynald is presently working with Organic Producers in Saskatchewan, Alberta and New Brunswick that grow Organic Red Proso Cerise Millet for Millet King Foods. Reynald works with them to monitor there crops, so that they can produce the best crop they possibly can. Reynald has worked and will continue to work with the staff at The Manitoba Food Development Centre in Portage La Prairie, to do all of it’s testing. Absolutely no short cuts are taken, and everything is recorded.

Reynald is presently working with a food company that has a full service processor / manufacturing and packaging line for his Organic / Conventional millet flours and Omega Gold Flax. The food company that Millet King Foods is contracted with is also HACCP / GMP certified, kosher certified, Non – GMO certified, Gluten Free and Organic certified, therefore giving people a piece of mind. The Millet King also states that today’s people are changing the way they eat and want to know exactly where there food comes from, and The Millet King respect’s that.

As of September 16 / 2016, Millet King Foods of Canada Inc. was granted it’s Kosher and Vegan Certifications for it’s Vegan Products from the Kashruth Council of Canada in Toronto and is presently working on being certified Halal and getting his Non GMO and Gluten Free certifications.

Reynald loves people and has talked with people from all over the world, therefore building bridges with them. The Millet King has gone far and beyond , he is catering to what people want, and that’s awesome food, eventually working with Organic Producers and building food plant’s around the world.

Reynald has Organic contracts available for the 2017 cropping season, available for British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Maritimes, and our friends to the South, The United States.

The Millet King holds a Diploma in Agriculture and is a 1992 graduate from The University of Manitoba.

If you love organic food products, buy from Millet King Foods. Thank you and have yourselves an awesome day!

Reynald Gauthier
Reynald, The Millet King

If you love organic food products, buy from Millet King Foods.