CONVENTIONAL MILLET SEED, cattle producers need 30lbs an acre and it sells for .65lb = $19.50 and acre. Millet seed is available in a 50lb bag and a 3000lb tote which can seed 100 acres.

Manitoba farmers can pick up their seed at the seed plant, but I need to know so that I’m there to load and settle with them. For producers from Sask and Alberta, ( British Columbia – in Alberta ) seed is delivered to nearest depot ( city ) truck stop or farm that Millet King works with. Once delivery is done for the season and any producer wanted seed needs to pick up at seed plant or make arrangements with trucking company. Millet seed going to Quebec and further east is .75lb = $22.50 and acre. Millet King hauls out 90,000 lbs loads in it’s busy season.

All seed is tested for high quality germination as well as for fusarium graminearum. Millet King also gives all producers a sheet to follow on seeding, fertilizer and chemicals, it’s the Millet King’s Bible and it works to a “T”. Reynald also works with producers closely when it’s time for cutting, as some are not always sure and find it good that Reynald is there to help them. He comes highly recommended, and is highly respected amongst farmers and cattle producers across Canada, due to his unlimited knowledge and his passion for the crop.

Millet Seeds